9. APPI Ghost Hunts & Tours

Berrima Courthouse Ghost Tours are conducted at the Courthouse with the APPI Ghost Hunts & Tours team. The tours start at 8.00pm and conclude at either midnight or 6am. Join APPI for a four hour or an all-night tour, where they will take you through the historic courthouse, tell you some stories, and then they will search to see if they can make contact with any of the spirits who may still remain using their technical equipment plus some spiritual methods. This is a great night out – and even better, a great weekend away!

Address:  Berrima Courthouse Museum 21-23 Argyle Street, Berrima
Open:  As scheduled – see website
Price:  4 hour tour $85pp    All night $115pp
Website:  www.appighosthunts.com
Phone:  0408 262 498
Email:  appighosthunts@gmail.com

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