Berrima Village

Located, in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW, Berrima is the ultimate convenient getaway to enjoy a patchwork of great experiences. Think rolling green pastures, fresh local produce, antiques, shopping, great wine with friends and country hospitality.

Meet Half-way, Stay All Day (Or Longer)

Berrima is within easy driving distance from major population centres. Friends meet at Berrima for lunch or dinner, wander around the village and enjoy its many delights, perhaps stay overnight and explore the wineries, or maybe just relax.


For the solitary visitor, for a couple or family; exploring the village, the river and the region around Berrima requires more than just a day trip. A hotel, a motel, numerous cottages and B&Bs are located in and around Berrima village. Accommodation is priced from budget to luxurious with weeknight and weekend packages available

Here is a selection of 52 things to do in and around Berrima. We are sure so many will appeal you will want to return again and again.

Click here to down load a Southern Highlands Tourist map before you set off.

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